Commissions & offers


Commissioning me you agree to my Terms of service ( | | ).



Payment is possible in EUR or CZK.
Prices listed are for 1 character. Additional characters are for 60% of the full price.


Basic work hour 10 €
Art print, A4 *
for your commission or any non-commission art from my gallery
5 €

* Art prints are printed on a high quality pigment printer and fine art 310g/m carton. This makes your prints beautiful and lightfast for a lifetime.

Material & shipping

Badge shipping (Europe) 2 €
Badge shipping (Outside Europe) 3 €
Matting, framing and shipping ask me


500 x 500 px, different size and formats are possible
When creating a logo, a vector .svg is automatically included. If work time on a logo exceeds one hour (prototyping), price is calculated by hours.

Lineart 8 €
Grayscale/flat color 10 €
Shaded 13 €


Traditional badges are made with copic markers and acrylic paints on Bristol paper; price includes cutting and laminating. Digital badges are sent as files. If ordered, digital badges are printed on a high quality pigment printer, cut and laminated.

Digital badge
A5, 300 DPI
30 €
+ Digital badge – print, cutting, laminating + 8 €
Traditionally made badge – simple background
little less than A5
50 €
Traditionally made badge – detailed background
little less than A5
70 €

Reference sheet

Basic layout
Front, back and sideview
35 €
+ face expression + 10 €
+ body part/clothing + 5 €

Telegram stickers

I offer telegram sticker pack auctions at times. Check out my telegram art channel or furaffinity.

Digital illustration

Price depends on the complexity (head, half body, full body etc.).

Sketch 5 – 10 €
Grayscale / flat color
Simple background included.
15 – 20 €
Simple background* included.
20 – 30 €
+ Complex background + 60% of the price

*simple background is a solid color/gradient background or blurry background with no strong details.

Traditional illustration

Price is same for one as for two characters. Additional characters are for + 60% of the price.

Pencil artwork 30 €
Simple background (COPIC) 60 €
Complex background (COPIC) 80 €

The process


Check out my telegram channel for commission openings announcements.


Contact me via Telegram (@Junisek) or


Agreement on motive, technique, price etc.
+ term of realization


In term of realization, I’ll contact you and discuss final details. I’ll send you an invoice.


„Sketch phase“ – I’ll send you a preview to approve the work.
Until this point changes are possible. See my ToS for pricing of additional changes.


It’s done! I’ll send you the finished piece in original size.

„Nejkrásnější ze všech tajemství je být géniem a vědět to jen sám.“ Mark Twain